Thursday, September 4, 2008

Migration Tools have arrived!

We wanted to let all of our LAB customers know that the first of our Migration / Rescue tools are now available, starting with MediaNow.

Anyone who had or has content that was created using MediaNow can contact us directly at help@widgetlaboratory and include your site URL and a return email. We will export out your data in its Native Format and deliver it to you ASAP. There is no fee or charge for this service.

Please be advised that we have some other very important and helpful news coming early next week that will be relevant to all of our customers, as well as anyone who is interested in the future of Social Networking as a viable place to build your business.

Thank you for your continued patience and good vibes. The LAB is quietly creating our next big announcement...

Viva' Laboratoria!


Ofelia B.G. said...

That's cool!

But am waiting for the birthday party, the smilies, the map, and super arcade... that was my lost.

I realize in this time that super arcade and birthay party are very important fo any network, some other networks want to offer birthday party but they don't do the job that you can, because bithday party in the lab was very clean widget, and i hope i can have it again.

All the best for you guys.

WidgetLaboratory said...

Hi Ofelia,

if you email us directly at we can give you more details of our agenda and what to expect in the near and long term.



this is great.. just want to make sure you guys got my email ...I can't wait for next week ...

Roni said...

You guys never cease to amaze me! Just want to show my appreciation again.

Can't wait for next week.

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to migrate from Ning to Kickapps?


I am not able to send you emails regarding the Media now.. It keep bouncing back to me. I have tried for the last few days. I will try one more time... I am interested in the migration to Socialgo as well.. will I lose my members or their info ..I hate to see them all sign up again.If I can use your products there It is worth migrating .

WidgetLaboratory said...

Robert, you have to send mails to and not to any email at NING...

Thank you

chocophile said...


From your description, it appears as if the script extracts only the content created by MediaNow. Is that a correct impression or is all the content on a network exported, including member relationships (friends) as well as who posted/uploaded what?