Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Déjà vu

One of our clients sent over this link today. It was published on November 28, 2007, right before we released our first product on Ning.

Weird feeling of "reverse" déjà vu .... read this carefully, especially the comments.



Web-Runner said...

at this level ... lying becomes an art ...

Robin said...

I had you Who's online -IM and decided to take it off to try Ning's chat.
When you were on Ning I had the above on my site and at the time had my site bookmarked in my bookmarks toolbar, it then had the WidgetLaboratoy Favicon in my bookmark.
Now it has the blogger favicon in my bookmark and I'm not using the IM anymore? What's up with that?

WidgetLaboratory said...


The reason is because your browser link for "widgetlaboratory.com" used to point to our site on Ning where we had a favicon with our logo. Now we are temporarily hosting a blog site on Blogger while building our new LAB, so it shows Blogger's Favicon.

When we move back to our new home, this will then return our logo and favicon.