Sunday, August 24, 2008

WHO-IM Now Available "Once Again" for all Ning Networks

We are sorry that it took us almost 24 hours since our last web post here to restore Who-IM (Who's Online / Instant Messenger) to the Ning community. We are happy to pronounce that this is the same Who-IM as before, running on our servers, but now available in a "stand-alone" version that does not require any presence of WidgetLaboratory inside of Ning, and can be run exactly like ANY OTHER outside open-market product.

As before, this product is FREE and offered to you from WidgetLaboratory as a small "thank you" while we continue our efforts to restore the rest of your products and services, wherever you choose to have them hosted.

Simply copy the following code snippet to any text box on your Ning site, and reload your browser cache. You will then, once again, enjoy all of the benefits of Who's Online and Instant Messenger.

Anyone interested in learning more about Ning's published policy of accepting other stand-alone 3rd Party Chat and Message products can go to their information page HERE.