Tuesday, August 26, 2008


BILL OF RIGHTS for Social Network Creators and their members:

1) That you as the creator and administrator of your Social Network have the RIGHT to access your content and membership data at all times, even in the event of a disagreement or dispute between yourself and the network host;

2) That should there be a disagreement or dispute between yourself and the network host, then your site content shall remain accessible to you at all times, even if it is no longer "online" for general use and consumption by your membership during the time it takes to resolve the aforementioned and/or to protect the rest of the network from any objective and demonstrable harm;

3) That there shall never be any use of force, coercion, threat, extortion, or harm to you, your data, or your membership by the network host, under ANY circumstance;

4) In the event that network host and yourself cannot agree as to the means or method to solve any disagreement or dispute, then you shall be provided a free and transportable copy of ALL your data from the Network immediately;

5) That the network host shall NEVER interfere in the contractual affairs between yourself and any third-party developers or parties from whom you have purchased software to run on your social network site. In the event that any such software should be shown to cause a Network-related issue, then your site shall be temporarily assigned by the network host to "offline" status until such time as you solve the clearly-stated technical reasons for any Network issue, or until you otherwise remove the third-party software. Under NO circumstances shall your previously-purchased software be prohibited by the network host without a written explanation of cause and specific technical details and proof as to the reasons for said prohibition;

6) There shall be a PRESUMPTION that the Social Network Creator is INNOCENT and that any alleged network issues were created without malice by the Social Network Creator;

7) Any decision by a network host to remove a Social Network shall be subject to the decision of a neutral third-party. This mutually agreed third-party shall have the final authority to determine removal or restoration of the Social Network to active status;

8) That any statements or comments made in the public forum of the Network Host relating to such matters shall NOT BE CENSORED, sanitized, deleted, edited, or otherwise removed by the Network Host without archiving the same and offering a right of reinstatement upon written request for review by the author.

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