Sunday, August 24, 2008

WHO-IM Now Available "Once Again" for all Ning Networks

We are sorry that it took us almost 24 hours since our last web post here to restore Who-IM (Who's Online / Instant Messenger) to the Ning community. We are happy to pronounce that this is the same Who-IM as before, running on our servers, but now available in a "stand-alone" version that does not require any presence of WidgetLaboratory inside of Ning, and can be run exactly like ANY OTHER outside open-market product.

As before, this product is FREE and offered to you from WidgetLaboratory as a small "thank you" while we continue our efforts to restore the rest of your products and services, wherever you choose to have them hosted.

Simply copy the following code snippet to any text box on your Ning site, and reload your browser cache. You will then, once again, enjoy all of the benefits of Who's Online and Instant Messenger.

Anyone interested in learning more about Ning's published policy of accepting other stand-alone 3rd Party Chat and Message products can go to their information page HERE.


ROMM said...

I'll likely be the first to warn other Ning NC's that this script may put your network at risk from being shut-down.

Specifically, Ning's Terms of Service clearly state that you agree not to “develop, invoke, or utilize any code to disrupt, diminish the quality of, interfere with the performance of, or impair the functionality of the Ning Platform or any Network”.

If Ning is stating that WidgetLaboratory was banned because of just this - then it only goes to say that your network will be at risk as well by using their scripts from this point on. Unless of course, Ning can tell you directly that there is no harm.

WidgetLaboratory said...

Hi Romm,

Actually, this will be very interesting to watch. This script is 100 percent hosted outside of Ning, and therefore is exactly the same as Meebo or any other external widget. It causes no load on the Ning network whatsoever.

If Ning were to shut you down for this, then that would mean that ALL 3rd party widgets MUST be prohibited as well from Ning.

It is obviously up to each Network Creator to decide what they feel comfortable with doing on their own site. This product is the first of our "gifts" to the Ning community during this difficult time, with more to come.

Thank you for your consideration, and if you choose... enjoy ;)

Ofelia B.G. said...

i love you guys!.
people ask so much for this.

xeromostk said...

Awesome job WL, whats status on getting refunded for WL products purchased by you guys? It better be soon, unless of course your products can be given back to us somehow

ROMM said...

I've submitted for refunds through Paypal and emails to Spencer. Hope to have this resolved, with a refund, shortly.

Dave said...

It doesn't necessarily mean all third party widgets MUST be removed if they remove these. If yours interact with their system differently than others, they'd still be able to take it down....if you are still pulling in userids, etc..I think the URL you are using is even more questionable and inappropriate...maybe I have a dirty mind, but ... seems a little sketchy. :)

Pixie said...

Well, I'm taking the chance because I trust the knowledge of WL.

By now, they must be very familiar with the TOS and I doubt that they would throw their fans and customers to the lions.

A big thanks to you guys at WL.

RecruiterGuy said...

Sorry, WidgetLaboratory. I'm not sure what you're trying to say with your new URL but you've just won my boycott.
I'm disappointed to say the least.

Mark said...

Well as soon as someone sets this up, please let us all know here. It's a who wants to be a ginea pig moment...

Spencer, you rock. I'm sorry all this happened to you because I realize that WL has been your passion.

I hope you get yours. Can you say, "settle out of court"? :-)


WidgetLaboratory said...

We cannot state what Ning's reaction to this will be, so please use your own discretion. But we can say that if they tell you this has ANY load or effect on your network, then they are not being factual.

As far as refunds etc., we are providing our entire suite of products to everyone to use for free, open-source, so that any buyers of our products will have the entire suite to run LOCALLY on their own Ning networks. This will provide the same functionality as previously enjoyed, subject to the same caveat as above. Our products are fine, always have been... it is the interference of Ning that is interrupting the use of the same.

We suggest that any persons who purchased our products BEGIN with a complaint to Ning and a DEMAND that Ning provide them with FREE premium service equal to the value of any and all products from WidgetLaboratory that Ning claims cannot be run from your own Network.

Mark said...

FYI. I noticed a couple of people upset about the URL. Just for the record, WL was using that URL for a while - well before this fiasco. I'm not sure of its meaning or if there is one at all, but thought it fair to say that it is not a NEW jab at Ning.

Muggzzi said...

I just loaded the Who-IM on the test Ning community I maintain - it works great.

Thanks, WL. That was quick!

labrat said...

Thank you! i have to say that i already miss your ning site. i enjoyed going there. i will be following everything you guys do. you are truly great script writers. and was an asset to ning users. thanks for still being there for us!

Mark said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mark said...

I just noticed that Pixie has it running on her Ning site and it appears to be working fine.

Anonymous said...

That's awesome, thanks!

In your previous post you mentioned that the code would be open sourced under a creative commons license. Is that still the case?

If so, can we have the php files for WHO-IM in addition to the javascript you posted? I have my own servers and would like to host my own installation of the server-side as well, both to have more control and knowledge over the code and to have a different IP for my Ning network to communicate to, just in case Ning blocks yours as well.

Please release it on google code hosting or here in the blog.

Thanks again!

WidgetLaboratory said...

For anyone who is interested, we have had a server named "ningina" since early 2008 and this server has had the same url the whole time.

We have multiple sub-domains as well. The naming of this server has nothing to do with whatever it is that is bothering your subconscious mind...?

Feel free to check our historical code references from the original product and you will verify that this is true.

Sorry to dissapoint.

Kurt Iverson said...

When do you think we will be able to get the stand alones of all your widgets? Because if that's the case, I won't request the refund. However, it's not really fair to offer that to newbie as a free tool for their ning site. I would guess you're making them pay a one-time fee as well, right? To own the code and put it on their site? Also, if we're considering using another solution, say something like Elgg, would your widgets work there, too?

WidgetLaboratory said...

Please understand that Ning has put a full blockade on all WebDav and SFTP access yesterday. This clearly shows, as we suggested, that Ning's architecture seems to have major "issues" that are unrelated to WidgetLaboratory, as we are completely gone.

One can refer to the following link to see that NING is in complete disarray.

As soon as Ning figures out what is wrong with their architecture, and opens-up the SFTP and WebDav, we will TEST and then release the localized version of the product package (which is just drag and drop via either method).

Please note as well, that there is NO FEE OR CHARGE OF ANY KIND for this open-source version of our products.

labrat said...

to Kurt Iverson:
how could it affect you by widget lab offering their great stuff for free? kinda paid for the labs products and used them like many others. if they are offering up things we love and incorporated into our site i really dont get the wining on your part. sorry if i sound rude. no direspect intended

Александр Гладких said...

THANK YOU for this Gift! That's splendid! You are greatest guys! THANK you!!!


Pixie said...

I agree. The only thought that I had concerning the money spent was that NING ripped us off.

This isn't WL's fault so please stop whining.

If somebody sells you a rocking chair and somebody else pulls the rug out from under your chair so you fall off and land on your butt, you can't go after the person who sold you the chair.

Go after the rug pullers.

I'm sure that WL will do everything they can to ease the damage.

Money is tough for everyone right now but have some compassion for WL.

xeromostk said...

when will add manager be back?

WidgetLaboratory said...

Willie6, the code for all of our PAID products will be released as open source.

The code for our own hosted chat and Who-IM will not be released at this time, as these will continue to be offered as free hosted-services for anyone who wishes to utilize the same.

Pixie said...

Mark, I want to thank you for mentioning my site. I already have 2 new members.

Thanks again.....Pixie

Pam said...

I love Pixie's site...I'm one of the new members and it's fabulous and fits my need to just be a member...thanks for mentioning it Mark!

abiodun b said...

hi i ran a site which was heavily dependent on WL .I practically had all WL products except a few like superarcade and video slide.I would give a few words of advice.
1.If Ning can shutdown WL they WILL shut you down if you use WL products on their network.
2.If they can do that to WL and a ton of others they will do the same to you without blinking !
3.EG I would like to migrate from ning and want to know if the options you talked about are still open .
4.If i was in WL shoes and wake up one day and see all my hardwork gone because of some powerbrokers who had no regards for me or their customers .I would not even do an opensource code.i would be thinking out the best way to take down ning. terms of this refund,My investors are pretty much on my neck to show the effect of added funds .I can no longer put my network at risk in any form as The paid adverts i have no way to make them banners and I have had to refund my ad customers.
6.WL, until i can see a migration from ning plan My firm may have to start proceedings for a refund.I have been refunding my ad customers just to maintain some kind of trust .They (my customers) will sue me for breach of contract .I wonder why you guys are not taking legal action against ning .
There is no mention of Who-IM on NC right now
point to note .Webchattr is crap ! and it slows down my network bad but ning still has it on .

Why even give to ning anything ? why ? opensource or not ? It is like linux developing code for windows just to keep windows alive ! Why dont you guys come up witha solution that will blow ning outta the water with your great applications ! thanks
Also medianow and supertabs can you provide the code so we can tinker with it meanwhile .thanks

Massimo said...

Hi, Spence I have considered moving away fromt the NING platform for quite some time now. And what they did with WL is one more reason to move on with me plans. I also had most of your products on my site and I am suffering the consequences like everyone else. Any Idea on where I can go to start my own site to rival NING product? Thanks,


abiodun b said...

just a heads up ! Whatever is on on NC right now about who-im is AT YOUR OWN RISK ! Ning definitely does not want any code from WLabs running on their network ! I wonder why WL thot they would allow it .I wonder ? SUE THEM ! SUE THEM or give us migration options ! We cant fight for you guys if you guys are not fighting for yourselves ! Ning is no democracy , We all know that now ! They are worse than communists because they dont come out straight and tell us what the problems are ! yeah I am pretty bitter about this ! Really really bitter about all this ! maybe there is no justice in the world but this is America ! SUE THE BUGGERS !

Unknown said...

I had the IM up for an hour but decided to take it down because I made a little noise in NC today and my post was taken down. A post went up asking was it ok to use IM and Athena did not give a definate yes or no but referred to the TOS which is confusing enough. If you are not a lawyer there is no way to decipher what the heck that TOS could possibly mean. I wish this whole situation would have never happened. I hope I'll wake up soon!

ozijon said...

Hi I to had almost all wl stuff and my members had lots of entertainment on the site I to would be intrested in moving due to all ths going on's i've never payed for somthing just to have it gone like that befor and i just added to more widgets the night befor so what would be a good place to go to for back up i'm very intrested
Seems like an electronc dictator
huge power buzzz We are the boss! hmmmmm well i think not becoue WE the people won't have it and yes you widget fellows at he lab keep going forward becouse i'm right behind you hope you can get ya own site in action
real people look after real peope

Zohra said...

Maybe WL could start over again, redesign their products and make it look different, give it another name and start another ning network with another name, for example 'NINGSTUFF'Ok the name sounds ridiculous hahaah but this is just an example.

I just loved how inventive WL was and still is and how you guys are on top of what we need as NC's.

I know, i never purchased anyhing and used only the free products, but still i am supporting you guys....

I really miss ya ;-)


Rubens said...

wl rox!

Kurt Iverson said...

To Labrat-
Who the hell is whining? I asked a simple question. I'm not putting the onus on them to reimburse me right away. You're just as paranoid and aggressive as WL was in their correspondence. READ the email and STOP reading tone. I was asking for clarification on whether or not they were going to continue to charge beyond the group who has already bought. You don't think it's unfair to have bought the entire suite of widgets the day before they crashed only to find out you can have it for free as a result?? You have a LOT more expendable cash than I do. I support WL for the most part and I'm sure PLENTY of us had the same question as I did. I may come off whiny now because I'm sick of people like you jumping to judgment for people asking questions. I didn't demand it, I said it was unfair for us. ESPECIALLY if you recently purchased. AND if they can't find a way to make their product work within our frameworks. Which is WHY I offered an alternative platform to see if it might work there. Or couldn't you read? Idiots like you make it a pain in the ass to participate constructively in these threads. Or was that too whiny for you?

Kurt Iverson said...

To pixie-
I appreciate your view on the matter. I see the analogy more like this: If we go to a roller rink and we purchase a set of skates, then the roller rink outlaws those skates. Well, we still have a set of roller skates to use somewhere else. But in this case, the skate manufacturer has our skates and we have nothing. So we either better get our money back, or we better get our skates so we can go roll at some other rink. Either way, would you feel OK if that manufacturer just started giving those skates away to everyone after you paid for yours?

It's a tricky situation, and maybe I shouldn't be going after WL for my money. But if they TELL me they're going to get ALL my widgets to me, I won't go for the reimbursement. Just like I said. But if I don't at least have some code so I can make it work somewhere else, then it's just like not having my skates. I'm out $350 and no one is responsible? Technically, as much as I hate to admit it, Ning/roller rink wouldn't be responsible. Neither would WL. But I better have a product in my hands from someone!

Pixie said...

Kurt, I wasn't disagreeing with you. Yes, it is unfair that they are now giving for free, the stuff that we paid for but my point was to just wait for a little while.

WL has a whole lot going on right now. They've got legal battles to fight before anyone can know how this will work out financially.

Perhaps they will come up with new things that we will get for free and the newcomers will have to pay for. We just need to give WL some time.

Your analogy was much better than mine.

As for paying only to see them given out for free later on, I kept telling myself not to buy the products when they first came out because later on it would be free.

It happens all the time but I didn't listen to myself. I was paying for certain channels on my satellite which they are now giving for free.

I was paying for frames when I'd do a photo shoot only to find out that they now give the frames for free with the shoot.

It's not fair but it happens all the time.

Just hold on for a little bit, I know WL wants to do what is best for us all but I think right now they just have bigger fish to fry.

Kimswallows said...

Do u plan to come back out with the body doctor

steven said...


Need help. My tabs have all disappeared since this happened. need them restored.

Please send me an email through


Kurt Iverson said...

You make a good point about the free stuff, pixie. That is true. You don't complain to the cable company about all the stuff you paid for when they finally make it free.

Carla said...

I miss you guys from WL, Evil Genius and Mad Scientist. Thank you for the gifts you are offering, that is a really special thing you are doing.God bless you. I pray that you will continue to be successful in all your future endeavors.

Anonymous said...

the who-im is working but not the chat?
Should the chat be showing up....?

Anonymous said...

Spencer, I'm needing a Foot Doctor! I paid for it a few weeks ago. Is there any chance you can release your code or tell me the secret of editing HTML in the footer please? Thanks.

Laura said...

From What I understand, the latest comment on NING from Gina says that since WL has moved their widgets off of the NING platform and onto their own servers, that the network degradation issue should no longer be an issue.

I've put my IM back on board. The site was barren without it, now it has sprung back to life!

I hope to have Advanced Member Search was/is a much needed tool.

For those that are complaining that WL is now making these FREE (I paid for mine too)...give WL a break!...if you paid for still get to use they are free, so what...WL is doing the best they can to accommodate during what must be a very trying time for them.

They have reacted quite quickly, as they have always done, to come with solutions that work. Don't be so hard.

My AFroTube Team said...

WL why would you give your source code to Ning yet they made a fool out of you. Guys do you realize that ning is nothing without you. You guys brought life to Ning. The moment you offer us any option to migrate, definitely, believe you me you have lots of ppl who will love to join you.
We are all so sorry about what happened to you guys but you should take that as a blessing, some way forward. You do not have to offer your S/C to ning but come up with a much better place than Ning. Move forward, these Ning guys are like Robert Mugabe (Zimbabwe) the guy is so silly chasing away white farmer yet they are the ones who contributed to the growth of a lovely nation.
Ning is shit can you guys give us something that will make ning wish they should have kept you.
These guys did this because they noticed that you guys were becoming more popular than them ha ha ha ha!

Give us something good not just your source code, to be frank we no longer want your Source Code but we want you. If you need developers count me in.

Roni said...

I installed! Spencer I just want to let you know that you have A LOT of supporters and I appreciate all that you do more then you will ever realize!!

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

Tony said...

Hi Guys..
Thanks for this...Thank you for hosting it outside of Nings platform.. my members have been clamoring for WHO-IM since it went down.

Sardor said...

Is it possible to have the chat back? Because my members are keep asking for the chat....

Please WL can you guys bring the chat back?


Lady Admin said...

Thanks you guys!! Luv that Who-IM feature. One little request. Can you also show me the code to make my font within the IM bigger? Thanking you in advance :)

Jim Colleman Cadillac said...

and nice domain name hahaha

Javiel said...

PLEASE ADVISE - I copied the code directly off the blog and inserted into text box on my site and for some reason the only person that shows as being on-line is myself although others are on-line.

Please help!


mail said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
namanjji said...

to javiel: if members let there whos online go to sleep(when you see the zzz'), it will not show them online until they click on it. hope this helps.

namanjji said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pixie said...

I'd like to add that when it says that they are online, it covers all of the Ning networks.

They may be on another network in which case it will say they are online in the members section but it won't show them in the IM unless they are online in your network.

Pierre said...

Sometimes like 20 to 50 people are log into my website but.. it does not show all the boxes of my guys being online in the who IM chat how come ? is it a bit buggy

Anonymous said...

I have just started a Ning site and have come across some articles about the Ning-WL feud. What is the current status and is the Who-IM available again for Ning. I tried to copy the code and nothing happened, so I don't want to spin my wheels. The WL seems like a great chat tool, but is it working for Ning and how do I get it if it is?

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