Wednesday, August 27, 2008


We are happy to report that this is likely to be the start of a new day for WidgetLaboratory. While more details will follow shortly, our first order of business is to complete the construction of our new website and presence. Although we appreciate the good-natured "ribbing" we have received from having our temporary outpost located on Blogger... it was obviously only a safety blanket until more formal plans could be drafted.

Here is an outline of what to expect from the LAB in the days and weeks to come:

  1. A new website and return to consulting for all of our former, and many of our newer clients. WidgetLaboratory has the resources and experience to assist any business owner interested in making money through a Social Networking presence. This core-aspect of our business has been uneffected by recent events. If anything, our latest adventures in Silicon Valley have given us further insight and experience into how to build a profitable business with "no money down" in a world of multi-million dollar VC giants. Let us show you how to do the same;
  2. The construction of a new WidgetLaboratory factory for all of our products. The details on this will follow as soon as we are able to reveal the same, but it is the focus that is worth sharing now... a Full Bill of Rights, LSA, and True "ownership" for Social Network Creators. The place where you next see us emerge will have these important elements wrapped into whatever relationship you have with the host of your Network, so that you can be assured that your livelihood is not at risk;
  3. Management and progress towards a resolution of any outstanding claims involving existing customers who feel that they were caught in the middle. We have requested that anyone who has questions can email us for specific information at and we further encourage anyone seeking redress to complete a customer information form indicating the scope and extent of their damages from the method that was used to remove WidgetLaboratory.

At this time we look forward to "moving" forward. We are neither gone, nor forgotten, and consider this experience just a milestone along the path towards greater accomplishments that benefit our customers and clients in their efforts to build powerful solutions for work and for play.

Thank you!
Spencer Forman


tony said...

Thanks for the info Spence.


support said...

Halleluja !

Cant wait for your next move ..


Web-Runner said...

let me tell you my admiration to your capacity to stand up against the tycoon...

I'm waiting for you to move away from NING (excuse me ,please read ning) because i'm sure it's the way to my network business succes and Above all liberty...

Just an advice...take the time to think and stay have the capacity to come back better then we say in french "rien ne sert de courir il suffit de partir à point..."(
there is no need to run just a starting point ...)-Jean De La Fontaine.

If you need any help ,
I am your servant.


Web-Runner said...

Just to comunicate the mail I receive after I Ask for Ning about WL blackout on my Network...

[The Ning Team - ]


I wanted to give you a quick update on our progress. We're in the process of creating a new way for Network Creators to manipulate their tabs. The wrinkle is that the way that WL had done SuperTabs created errors and performance issues across the Ning Platform.

The current solution we have in place for tab manipulation hasn't yet produced the user experience that we want, so we're still working on it. We're on track to release our new tab manager early next week. As that release approaches you can check Network Creators for the most up to date information: Let me know if you have any questions on this!



Mark said...

Wishing you the best, and want to say that I believe you will be back in bigger and better ways.

I also wanted to use this opportunity to say that, because I realize that you were unduly ejected from your business, I HAVE NO DESIRE OF A REFUND OF ANY KIND FROM WL. That would be like kicking someone when they were down.

Can't wait to see what develops here.


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Anonymous said...

You GO, Spence! I'll follow you anywhere.

Just remember when God closes a door, he opens a window and I have a feeling that you will be on to bigger and better things!!!

You guys have amazing products, a keen sense of "customer pain" and excellent customer service. You will ALWAYS have business!


Ofelia B.G. said...

All the best for you guys.
I am here support you, and know the excellence of your work, we are waiting that you start again!.

Spence say hello to mad s. from me please.

Web-Mum said...

Man, I wish this stuff didn't take so long! I find it quite infuriating that I have spent hours on the Internet today coming up with a simplistic alternative to WL's Ad Manager - to no avail! Yes, there are other systems and yes, they may have more functionality - but are they a simple browse, upload, C&P?? Um....nope!
It was/is a great product that was specifically great for ning! Aaarghh! Infuriating!!

support said...

I can not believe all the " online time " ive lost from my members since all this happened !!

But who can blame them?

One moment they had it all, the next the have (almost) nothing.

I´m so angry at Ning for what they did and there is no excuse whatsoEVER!

And what are they doing now? One thing after another is poping up. Chat, Tabs bla bla

Honestly I dont feel that they are doing all this for us but for themselves cause you scared the shit out of them by being to smart !

E.G and M.S ...

Sweden are upset and I dont wanna say this to push you but HURRY UP and give us something .. when, where.

Love you for what you are doing ..


tony said...

We have never met or talked before, but I know that you have
brought together a great group of people in Trike Aviation. Looking foward to a new trike social when you get "ning" out of your life.

Tony Ford
Was going to be
Member #1000

Devan J. Byrne said...

We would love to get the who is online pop up chat back... IamACIM.Info I'll pay for it!

Better Way Gourmet said...

How will the new system work for people without their own server? Will it?

Zohra said...

Spence and Mad Sci... lookin'really forward to the new developements :-)


Daryl Crouse said...

Wow, what a situation. Keep up the efforts... I was just starting to get hooked on WL too.

You guys should investigate something like Dolphin social networking open source software and offering it for hosting if people need it.

Frankly, Dolphin has a lot more features than Ning ever thought about having.

I would move in heartbeat and hope that you guys will come up with a way to "export" and "import" all the information for a move.

Thanks for all you do!!!

heron said...

Wishing you the best WL!
We are waiting your next move.


Jincey said...

Congrats! I'm excited to work with you as we both grow!

Jincey Lumpkin, Esq.

Chris said...

you guys certainly push at the sides of the envelopes of whats do able. Just behave yourselves.