Friday, August 22, 2008

News and Links Regarding Ning's Removal of WidgetLaboratory

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footfoot said...

I just got banned by ning for complaining 9
this is just getting better y the minute.

Zohra said...

Dear Evil G and Mad Scientist…. i am like totally shocked about this… and now i dont know what to do… you guys really boosted my ning and i loved it BECAUSE of your widgets, now its back to its plain old boring standard system again.

I suggest WL developes a similar network, while you guys have the expertise and knowhow and i suggest that when you make your own networking system you can add all your widgets and add ons in the mange section where we can purchase them directly from you and not from NING…

Really guys, i wish you all the luck, keep us posted, put me on some mailing list, i am fully supportive to you…. i wish you make a ning like service but then better…. maybe this is the start for something completely new and make an even better system, with all your stuff built in the mage tools… so we can grab them when we need them….

Keep us posted….

Love to all of you,

Ameds said...

Can someone from WL contact us at

Pam said...
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Pam said...

footfoot...I can't believe that!!??? When you say they "banned you"...did they ban you from the forum or take down your site?


Unfortunately, this is a black and white issue of WidgetLaboratory violating our Terms of Service after multiple warnings and negatively impacting the Ning Platform. We had to act and did so...the answer won't be to bring back WidgetLaboratory. Our Terms of Service are there for a reason. Please know we did not enter into this decision lightly."

found this in a forum on NING

footfoot said...

Pam, they only banned me from the forum.
i think i would sue them instantly if they take me site down.. however, at this point i wouldnt put it past them.

Pam said...

It says this on your NING web page:
This social network has been taken offline
by its owner
It’s likely that the owner will bring it back online shortly.

Is this the standard thing that NING puts up when a site goes down or did you put this up?

Mark said...

Robert, where did you find that expalanation. I'd like to go see it.

Ofelia B.G. said...

here my soport for you in spanish:

a said...

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